Very few bands today will release an album or an EP on vinyl. It is even more rare for a band to release an album or EP strictly on vinyl. This Is Hell is one of these rare bands. So you know, the majority of discs released by this hardcore band are on vinyl. If my memory serves me correctly, the band has 2 studio albums and 5 EP’s. Four of the EP’s are available of vinyl, only one of which of these four is also on compact disc. The band’s latest effort, Misfortunes, is available on both CD and vinyl, although I bet only a select few diehard fans will purchase the vinyl.

The first track on the album is “Reckless” and clocks in at about two minutes long; which is how long a hardcore track should be, especially for a opening track.

Like Punk, the main point of hardcore was to break free of restrictions, and say “Fuck you!” to all that opposed their points of view. This being said, most hardcore bands do not have a chorus throughout the majority of their tracks. This Is Hell has a few tunes that follow this frame, but they do not always follow the “rule”. Then again, if it was a rule, to break the rule would make it hardcore as well. Wow… I just screwed myself over, didn’t I?

Anyway! While the album is fairly well done, it doesn’t really have much new to offer that most hardcore bands haven’t already accomplished. They use the same instrumentation structure that has been used multiple times before, not really breaking any new restrictions in that sense. The album is worth picking up… if you’re a fan of traditional hardcore or of the band themselves.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Reckless
02. Infected
03. Disciples
04. In Shambles
05. Realization: Remorse
06. Without Closure
07. Remnants
08. Resuscitate
09. Fearless Vampires
10. You Are The Antithesis
11. End Of An Era
12. Memoirs
13. Last Days Campaign

Run Time: 41:11
Release Date: February 19, 2008