The Stooges are back with a brand new release on Virgin Records, entitled, The Weirdness. With one of the most instantly recognizable frontmen in the music business (outside of Stephen Tyler and Mick Jagger), Iggy Pop is at the helm once again as the band rolls through a blazing set of new songs. True to their roots, The Stooges don’t vary much from their previous work, but what they lay down here is energetic, rough, raw, and thoroughly infectious; everything you would expect from The Stooges.

The disc opens with a bang as “Trollin’” sets the tone for the rest of this relatively short disc. A healthy dose of humor keeps things tongue and cheek on the record and in no time at all you will find yourself singing along with Iggy to lyrics such as ‘My idea of fun is killing everyone’ from the song “My Idea of Fun.” Other tunes on this disc that are worth mentioning are “Greedy Awful People”, “Mexican Guy”, and “I’m Fried.”

The only real downside to this record is its length. Coming in at just over 40 minutes the band seems to just hit their stride when the record comes to an abrupt halt. Fans of the band will love this effort and music fans that enjoy music a bit on the edgier side of things will dig this as well.

The Stooges do not need to tread new ground to make a great record. The Weirdness carries on their trademarked sound that they have cultivated over the years and does so in a manner that makes them rock harder than most new bands. This is good music for fun people, so crank it up and crack a beer.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Trollin’
02. You Can’t Have Friends
03. ATM
04. My Idea of Fun
05. The Weirdness
06. Free & Freaky
07. Greedy Awful People
08. She Took My Money
09. The End of Christianity
10. Mexican Guy
11. Passing Cloud
12. I’m Fried

Run Time: 40:02