Make way for the new Gods of modern thrash; Senate! Straight out of Ontario/Quebec, these guys are already tearing apart the Canadian metal scene. Imagine thrash combined with death metal, and a blend of black metal, and you get Senate.

From the time the intro began, I immediately thought “Shit.. Not one of these albums”, because it resembled that of Shinedown. However, once the intro passed, the band broke out brutality that can be matched up to the likes of Kataklysm. Even my cat agrees…. *wink wink nudge nudge*

One particular track that stood out above the rest was “A War Without End Amen…”. The instrumentation ranged from a melodic black metal riff, to a metalcore riff. Definitely a masterpiece. A few minutes in, the tempo changes entirely, switching from a reckoning havoc to a blues-style guitar riff accompanied with a mellow bass riff. Sort of reminded me of the way Opeth does shit.

You know a song is going to be epic when the track doesn’t even have an intro. “Anti!” begins this way. Instead of an instrumentation intro, the sickening vocals kick things off, sending chills up the spines of little girls all over the world.

Considering this band is unsigned, I’d have to say they’re doing amazingly well. The recording quality was rich; note worthy if you will. And they’re Canadian! Welcome the real Senators of the North!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. Victorious Hatred
03. Queen Of Sorrow
04. A War Without End Amen…
05. Crucifixer
06. Anti!
07. Recommit Rising
08. Whispers
09. Draconis

Run Time: 44:51