Take Cover, the latest offering from Seattle Progressive Rockers Queensrÿche is quite a different project than their previous releases. Known for work that is musically innovative and often politically and socially conscious, the band has released a CD of cover tunes that is a bit more light-hearted than previous releases. Take Cover runs the gamut and includes songs from Broadway to classic rockers Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel.

The opening track, Pink Floyd’s “Welcome To The Machine”, gets things started and it is obvious right away that Geoff Tate and Company are in the house and ready to make these songs their own by adding their unique brand of metal to them.

Some personal favourites of mine on this disc are a rousing rendition of the Stephen Still’s tune, “For What It Is Worth,” which includes a great arrangement of an already great song. Other tunes that stand out in mind as being exceptional are, Peter Gabriel’s, “Red Rain” and U2’s, “Bullet the Blue Sky (live).” Both of these tunes have been favourites of mine for years and I was more than excited to see them included on Take Cover. In both cases Queensrÿche’s rendition captures essence of the original and improves on them… if that is possible. In this case I believe it is.

Also worth mentioning are very nicely done covers of the Queen song “Innuendo” and the Black Sabbath Classic, “Neon Knights.”

Overall this is a good record from a great band. Everyone can relate to the tracks on Take Cover in some capacity; it is a fun, feel good record. As I mentioned earlier, this disc does not make any broad statements or criticisms about society it just rocks and it is nice to see another side of the band.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Welcome To The Machine
02. Heaven On Their Minds
03. Almost Cut My Hair
04. For What It’s Worth
05. For The Love Of Money
06. Innuendo
07. Neon Knights
08. Synchronicity
09. Red Rain
10. Odissea
11. Bullet The Blue Sky (Live)

Run Time: 55:29