The band name and album title may conjure thoughts of the late 80’s and early 90’s hair metal scene, and images and recollections of their top ten ballad “Sister Christian” that ruled the charts for an untold amount of time, but while these preconceptions are certainly warranted, they are not entirely true.

Jack Blades and Brad Gillis are back after what seems like an eternity and the result is Hole In The Sun; a collection songs that border on the edge of pop while still managing to maintain the rock and roll edge.

Night Ranger doesn’t recreate the wheel here with Hole In The Sun, but rather they stick close to home by releasing a record that consists of everything they have been known for; great big choruses, lots of sing along moments, a great production and a lot of acoustic guitar, including two bonus tracks of tunes they were famous for in the 80’s, the aforementioned “Sister Christian” and “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me.”

While this record doesn’t tread new territory for the band, it doesn’t miss the mark entirely either. It should be a favorite for the scores of fans out there who either grew up listening to these guys or like their music along the commercial lines… and there are a lot of them out there considering Night Ranger has sold more than 16 million records worldwide.

Compared to most of the eighties bands that attempted come backs and released pathetic albums, Night Ranger has released a very solid effort that does not seem forced or the result of some bad debt or record company project. These guys can play and if you dig their brand of Rock and Roll than you will not be disappointed at all.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Tell Your Vision
02. Drama Queen
03. You’re e Gonna Hear From Me
04. Whatever Happened
05. There Is Life
06. Rockstar
07. Hole In The Sun
08. Fool In Me
09. White Knuckle Ride
10. Revelation 4AM
11. Wrap It Up
12. Being
13. Don’t Tell Me You Love Me (Acoustic Version, Bonus Track)
14. Sister Christian (Acoustic Version, Bonus Track)

Run Time: 63:40