Over the past few years Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty have pretty much become household names. They have dominated the airwaves many times over and their light-hearted rock tunes roll off the tongues of people of all generations. Matchbox Twenty does have a multi-generational appeal! Yeah, they rock, but there is also something about them that makes them appeal to a broad spectrum of the population. Maybe it is the finely crafted songs with incredibly catchy hooks and choruses or maybe it is Rob Thomas’s stellar vocal performances. In any case, I have been a fan of his for many years with both Matchbox Twenty and in his solo pursuits, most notably his collaboration with Carlos Santana a few years back. But, at any rate, I digress.

There are no surprises here; Exile on Mainstream is exactly what you would expect from these guys; an enjoyable collection of songs that is destined for tons of airplay. This is a two disc set. The first contains new material with the single, “How Far We’ve Come” already getting a tremendous amount of airplay on top 40 and Adult Contemporary radio stations. Famed music producer Steve Lilywhite produced the CD and it sounds fantastic, very polished, almost to the point of glossiness, similar to their previous releases.

The second disc contains some of their earlier work that made them famous. Songs such as “3 am” and “Real World” both of which turned the band into a household name and catapulted them to the next level.

Exile On Mainstream does not stray far from the bands original formula. But hell, why change something that works? Like an old sweater, this album is familiar yet extremely enjoyable and will provide lots of listening enjoyment.  [ END ]

Track Listing (Disc 1):

01. How Far We’ve Come
02. I’ll Believe You When
03. All Your Reasons
04. These Hard Times
05. If I Fall
06. Can’t Let You Go

Track Listing (Disc 2):

01. Long Day
02. Push
03. 3 am
04. Real World
05. Back 2 Good
06. Bent
07. If You’re Gone
08. Mad Season
09. Disease
10. Unwell
11. Bright Lights

Run Time: 41:24