In the world of German metalcore it’s very difficult to discover a new band that truly stands out. Quite a few German metalcore bands sound all too similar, thus making it difficult to at times distinguish between bands. Fall of Serenity does have talent, and can shatter the realm of metal, however, they do not abuse the talent they were given. The Crossfire could have hit new heights; hopefully the band has some tricks hidden for their next album.

Throughout the majority of the album the members repeat the same sequences far too often. During a five minute song I would really like some variety throughout the instrumentation. The band should have brought back the brutality portrayed in “As I Watch”.

I did however quite enjoy “Act of Grace”. The double kick really got me pumped, ready to bounce around in a mosh-pit. But the same problem occurred; the band omitted variety. Part way through the track, I began to feel a build up, and thought “Sick! Maybe I’ll hear a breakdown!”, but I was disappointed. I didn’t really expect there to be a breakdown, but you can always hope!

The album may be linear, but it is worth the effort. It is noticeable that the band put a lot of time and effort into this disc, considering many of the members switched up roles for this album. I hope once they get into the new groove of things, they may bring breakdowns into it the fold (haha). I recommend this album to any fan of old Heaven Shall Burn or Caliban.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Immortal Kingdom
02. Knife To Meet You
03. Recreation
04. The Crossfire
05. A Whore Called Freedom
06. Funeral Eclipse
07. Act of Grace
08. In Case of Death
09. Blindfolded
10. Blood Portrait

Run Time: 51:02