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Rust (07.15.2008)



With up and coming bands from Guelph, Ontario such as Arise And Ruin (Victory Records) and Farewell To Freeway (Victory Records), it’s easy to think ALL bands from this area will rock hard. Drudgery do not let us down! This is the new project from ex-Fuck The Facts drummer Matt Connell, who also sat behind the kit for Relapse Records grind experts Exhumed.

Drudgery waste no time kicking into intense grind with their debut. As soon as you listen to the first track of the album, Rust, you are hit with a fast, intense, kick in the nuts, circle-pitting rhythm. The whole album is fast-paced metal, and is a good album if you like heavy, and fast metal/thrash/grind. Bands that you can compare Drudgery with would be, Neuraxis, Daemon, and Endast… maybe mixed with a little bit of Johnny Truant. Rust also features Steve Ferraro on vocals (Glasgow Grin, Ex-Dear Black Diary).

Although solid music, the band do fall into a trap of repetition after only a few songs. Each one tends to blur together into one, at least until the last track “Rust” closes out the album with a crushing solo. Drudgery have a bright future and I’m sure this is only the tip of the iceberg. Despite some repetition, the band shows promise, so keep your eye on these masters of grind. 7 circle pits out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Sink or Swim
02. Rad Cadaver
03. At All Cost
04. Stagnation
05. Bottom Feeder
06. Rust


Run Time: N/A