Black Lungs only have two members in their line-up and Wade MacNeil and Sammi Bogdanski are what I would call, the closest thing to real punk rockers nowadays. Their funny outfits and interesting sound more than categorize them into said punk genre.

Send Flowers, their newly-released LP, is an album that you will find yourself listening to any time you are remotely bored. It might not be your first record of choice, but it WILL find its way into your music player… frequently.

Wade’s vocals are relaxing, clear, and more importantly distinguishable from much of the rest of those in punk/rock music today. As of late, the music I have been listening to (generally) boasts lyricists who I can’t even fucking understand; it’s good to find someone who actually knows how to enunciate.

“I hope this feeling never goes away” are the lyrics that kick off the album’s fourth track, “Hold Fast (Sink or Swim)”. I found these words fairly ironic considering I possessed the exact same sentiment when I began listening to the disc: I knew I wouldn’t want it to end. Unique, fun, and raw, Black Lungs are a band that knows how to create a PROPER punk tune intermixed with just the right amount of “happy” feelings.

Alas every album must come to an end and with this one came much disappointment. No it was not too short, nor were there any negative points that really stuck out. It was just plain old sad that the record was over. Fortunately I did realize that if I just pressed the play button, all the feelings I experienced when listening to this rad record would come flooding right back.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. A Blessing and a Curse
02. Fire and Brimstone
03. When It’s Blackout
04. Hold Fast(Sink or Swim)
05. These Moments Define Us
06. For Her
07. So It Goes
08. Timeless
09. In Memory

Run Time: 29:46