With the release of their second CD Horror, Christian Death-Metalers With Blood Comes Cleansing are proving that there is room for their brand of Death Metal in a genre that has been long known for themes of evil, aggression, and destruction. Musically they have been compared with bands such as Job for A Cowboy and Suicide by Silence. After a brief spoken word intro or prayer, the listener is immediately assaulted by a wall of grinding guitars and drums that will have them snapping their necks before they even realize it.

Lyrically, they are part of a growing trend in this Death-Metal or Death Core genre writing songs that take on spiritual and religious themes. With titles such as “Forsaken” and “Eternal Reign,” the band has laid their convictions out there for all to see. This message is evident in tunes such as “Lash Upon Lash” where vocalist Dean Atkinson wails, “Lash upon lash/Ripping Flesh from bone/He took our sickness he took our sorrow/By his stripes we are healed.” Don’t let the message fool you or turn you off though because religious as they might be, Atkinson’s growling it is almost undecipherable and does not come off as preachy in the slightest bit. In fact, if you don’t look at the attached lyric sheet you might never even realize it.

The first track “Hematidrosis” lays the groundwork for the rest of this relatively short record with a brutal ferocity. Horror is unrelenting in its attack and for all thirty one minutes of the disc, the listener is assaulted by a wall of sound and will find themselves unable to gain their composure and take a breath until the record comes to a conclusion. Fans of this genre of music will not be disappointed; these guys are serious about what they do and it shows especially in songs such as the title track, “Horror”. Other highlights include “Forsaken” and my personal favorite “Damnation.”

Cover art for the CD is great and was done by Dave Quiggle, an artist who has worked with other bands in this genre such as Impending Doom and War of Ages. Overall this is a good record albeit all too short. But for fans of the extreme metal scene this disc is for you.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. Hematidrosis
03. Lash Upon Lash
04. Forsaken
05. Filthy Stains
06. The Suffering
07. Blood And Fire
08. Abaddon’s Horde
09. Horror
10. Carnivorous Consumption
11. Damnation
12. Eternal Reign

Run Time: 31:12