Detroit might have been built on secrets, but it is no secret that Search The City built themselves. A Fire So Big The Heavens Can See It is their debut full-length album. After many years of grinding out the musical scene in the big city of Detroit, they earned their big break with the help of Tooth & Nail Records. Tooth & Nail is a well respected record company who have a knack for finding talented bands such as: Emery, Underoath, Secret & Whisper, Far-Less, and many more.

Their musical abilities remind me greatly of Indie rock-stars Jimmy Eat World. Josh Frost’s vocals sound similar to the whiny voice of Jim Adkins, which in my opinion is not someone who you should be attempting to imitate. I do not enjoy Jim’s vocals, nor do I enjoy the vocals of Josh. However, even though Josh does not have the best singing voice around, he puts on one hell of a live performance.

One member of Search The City that deserves some credit for his talent is Adam Mcmillion for his undeniable expertise with his drum-sticks. He has the ability to keep a fast paced beat at all times. I could not pick out a single track on the album that he seemed to get much of a break which is very impressive.

When listening to A Fire So Big The Heavens Can See It, I couldn’t help but notice that every track got slightly better then the previous one. “Son Of A Gun” was without a doubt my least favorite track on the disc. This was due to the fact that it kept me mildly entertained at the very best, the guitar riffs were dull, while the vocals made me wish I had some earplugs. The last song on the CD (“Clocks and Timepieces”) begins with some odd sounds and Josh lightly singing, then all of a sudden the guitar kicks in with a loud riff which made me nearly shit bricks.

All-in-all, I have mixed feelings about Search The City’s debut album. The drums were extremely impressive, the vocals made me almost over-dose on Tylenol and the guitar and bass guitar were nothing out of the ordinary that you would expect from an Indie band. If you are a fan of Jimmy Eat World, feel free to check out Search The City, they do deserve some credit for the work which they put forth on this album.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Son Of A Gun
02. To The Moon For All I Care
03. Detroit Was Built On Secrets
04. Ambulance Chaser
05. Talk Is Cheap And I’ve Got Expensive Taste
06. The Rescue
07. Bigger Scares Make Better Stories
08. The Streetlight Diaries
09. In This Scene You’re Just An Extra
10. Clocks And Timepieces

Run Time: 34:00
Release Date: 04.01.2008