Some bands have to wait until they’re old and grey to finally get that big break they’ve been seeking for so long. Our Last Night have found that stardom that most people can only dream of; however, they have not had to wait years to do so. Our Last Night is full of young talent that have plenty of time to mature and evolve into even better musicians.

The Ghosts Among Us completely blew me away; when I first saw that the band was full of youth I totally underestimated the talent that they worked so hard to obtain. I kind of brushed off the album, thinking it wouldn’t be anything special which just goes to show you, never judge a book (or band) by its cover.

The album is full of catchy guitar riffs, uplifting drum beats, simple bass, growling vocals, and even some softer vox. The youth of the band is extremely noticeable if you listen to the screams of Trevor, he has an unmistakably juvenile sounding voice which makes it different then most of the mainstream music you hear playing on your radio. Matt and Colin both are talented with the electric guitar, they bring forth some original sounding guitar licks; Matt also has an amazing voice. Woody sticks to the basics on his bass guitar, after-all, the bassists job is to keep stellar time. Tim brings the skills of a heavy metal drummer to a hardcore band which defines him from the hundreds of other drummers you hear in the local bands which litter your streets.

There is not a track on the album that I dislike, the originality of a maturing band is nice to hear. Our Last Night is without a doubt a group to keep your ears open for. If you have a chance to pick up The Ghosts Among Us I suggest you do so, that way you can say you liked them before they were huge!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Symptoms Of A Failing System
02. Timing Is Everything
03. Running The Clocks
04. Recovery
05. Escape
06. Dreamcatcher
07. Forecasting
08. Surviving Disasters
09. This Is Your Lifesaver
10. I Have Fought A Measureless Battle
11. The Messenger

Run Time: 42:40