There are times in your life when you will be uncertain about the correct choice to make. When listening to Oceana I just so happened to encounter one of these mentally fatiguing moments. I am not sure if I should be ecstatic that there is another new band out there with some great potential, or if I should be depressed at the fact that they are no where near this potential at the moment.

The Tide is Oceana’s debut album which does indeed show us potential for another great post-hardcore band. However, I am unsure if the band has put all of their best efforts into creating this album. It is possible that the band rushed things a bit too much. The excitement coursing through their bodies at the thought of putting out their FIRST album could have had a role in this.

Constant up-beat drums and exhilarating guitars are accompanied by exciting screams all throughout the full-length album. “Escape the Flood” is my favourite track on the album due to the slightly different sound that the band generate from it. They break away from the sound that most people would probably consider their style and play a more traditional post-hardcore style song. You’ll have to check it out for yourself to really see why it sticks out to me!

Great potential that has not been embraced by their loving arms yet, is how I would describe Oceana’s debut album The Tide. I do look forward to hearing any new material that might come from them. I hope that I will be pleased by it and hear what I believe they are truly capable of!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. The Accountable
03. Mindless Mindless
04. The Portrait
05. The Tide
06. Isolophobia
07. Hello, Astronaut
08. Conductor
09. We are the Messengers
10. Escape the Flood
11. Antlophobia
12. Reach for the Sky

Run Time: 41:59