Hate Eternal are in no way new to the music scene. They have been kicking about for roughly 11 years and have produced 4 studio albums over that time. Despite their longevity, the band only has one of the original members! Erik Rutan is the sole member of the band who has made it through all the rough times. Hate Eternal has by no means had an easy path to success.

Fury and Flames is full of loud, angry, bash-your-face-in drums. The double-kick on Jade Simonetto’s drum set never falls short of doing what most drummers would not have the stamina to do! It really does amaze me to see all these death metal drummers who don’t seem to lose energy even after having to play so hard and so fast. This is the reason why I believe Jade has the most trying and demanding position in Hate Eternal’s kick-ass band!

The album artwork is interesting. They use statues to sell their album which is not an uncommon technique because people seem to love statues. However, Hate Eternal takes the statue album cover to the next level by finding a way to creep me out even before I removed the packaging!

In all honesty, this album ranks up there with their best. Despite the tribulations and changes, Hate Eternal still sounds fresh and energized. On another note, Hate Eternal could not be at the point they are today without Jared Anderson who passed away in 2006. May he rest in peace.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Hellenvenom
02. Whom Gods May Destroy
03. Para Bellum
04. Bringer Of Storms
05. The Funerary March
06. Thus Salvation
07. Proclamation Of The Damned
08. Fury Within
09. Tombeau (Le Tombeau De La Fureur Et Des Flammes)
10. Coronach

Run Time: 40:02