Ten years ago marked the dawn of a new era; Unearth was formed. The band was one of the original founders of modern metalcore and are continuing to carve the face of the metalcore scene. The band had a great start right from the get go, landing an early recording deal with Eulogy Records. Since then, the band has signed on with Metal Blade Records, and are continuing writing, recording, and shredding live performances. With three full length albums, and a DVD behind them, we can all be assured that these titans won’t be leaving the scene for quite some time.

The release of the band’s DVD Alive From The Apocalypse was greeted with a massive amount of support by the fans. However, a good chunk of those fans are in for a disappointment. The first disc is a live concert in Ponoma, CA. I was pumped for this disc, but felt somewhat disappointed by it. The majority of the live show consisted of only the band’s singles, with a couple older tracks tossed in. The band opened with “Giles,” but near the end of the song, the sound quality took a dive. The sound went from loud and pumping, to quiet and wimpy.

I did get giddy however when Unearth decided to play both “Only The People” and “One Step Away” from their first album The Stings of Conscience. They rarely play their older music, so it was indeed a tasty treat.

One little detail about one members performance pissed me right off. Ken Susi kept making Christian gestures, yet kept flipping the crowd the bird. Make any sense to you guys? He also over-did swinging his guitar over his shoulder. While it is a neat trick, it needs to be done in moderation.

The second disc is a documentary of the band, also containing interviews with band members from other bands regarding Unearth. The disc also had all of the bands music videos, and some rare live footage.

To say the least, the DVD wasn’t a complete waste. The band did play amazingly well. The package just needs a little bit a tweaking, and Ken needs to calm the fuck down. I still recommend the DVD to a true Unearth fan.

Track Listing:

01. Giles
02. This Lying World
03. This Glorious Nightmare
04. Zombie Autopilot
05. Endless
06. March Of The Mutes
07. Only The People
08. Sanctity Of Brothers
09. The Great Dividers
10. Black Hearts Now Reign
11. One Step Away

Run Time: N/A