Sometimes having your cake and eating it too is just a dream that most people crave but will never achieve. For Throw The Fight that is not the case. They have a gargantuan sized ice cream-filled chocolate cake from Dairy Queen that they are slowly munching away at. The gentlemen in the band are smart enough to take small, mouse-sized bites to savour the current success that they have earned

Throw The Fight go with the popular quintet setup. Frontman James Clark, with his recognizable vocals, leads the band. Ryan Baustert and Joey Ulrich are equally talented on their humble guitars, and provide backup vocals for Clark. Aaron Huppert fills out the position of bass guitar. The drumming that holds the music steady is entrusted to the quick hands of Cory Huppert. Each band member fills their respective position to the best of their abilities—and the best of their abilities is pretty damn good.

2006 was the defining year for Throw The Fight. They were voted into the Alternative Press Top 10 unsigned bands by their fans, which was a huge accomplishment that gave a great amount of confidence to the five young men. That confidence led to the band’s debut EP, which in turn landed them a contract with Cordless Recordings.

If it weren’t for their fans, Throw The Fight would not be as successful as they are. Fans made Throw The Fight who they are today. They helped the band get the confidence they needed to put in the effort and determination to get signed. In turn, Throw The Fight owe a lot to the fans that they have grown to love. The reciprocation comes naturally, though. Throw The Fight’s fans are like their own family and friends. The band has one of the strongest bonds I’ve seen between a band and their fans. It’s inspiring.

As of summer 2008, Throw The Fight are currently touring with such acts as Drowning Pool, Another Black Day, and Destrophy. Just by playing with these hotshot artists, Throw The Fight deserve some kind of credit.

Throw The Fight’s debut album, In Pursuit Of Tomorrow, has really stirred up a response from fans as well as the music industry. The band wants to be heard, and they will not rest until they are. It’s refreshing to see these young men fighting for a little ear time (okay, a LOT of ear time), and they will not stop until each and every last person in North America has heard at least one of their tracks. Throw The Fight deserve your respect; they deserve your attention; they deserve your admiration. They certainly have not thrown the fight.