The Cult is a band of increasing popularity, putting out much respected music for fans of true rock and roll to enjoy. The vocal style of Ian Astbury reminds me of heavily respected rock and roll hall of famer Gordon Downie, whereas the instrumentation put forth from the band makes me think of a mix between great groups such as Death From Above 1979 and The Killers.

The hit single from Born Into This, “Dirty Little Rockstar”, starts out by pumping out the bass guitar to get you in the mood for an outstanding rock and roll song. I was captivated by the drum beat John Tempesta brought to the table due to the simplicity and effectiveness of his ability to keep stellar time, with a couple of kick-ass fillers thrown in to keep my ears entertained.

I foresee great accomplishments in The Cult’s future. To me it seems they have a set destiny that will end with their welcoming into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They have talent that is quite noticeable; if they didn’t, they would not have gotten a record deal with one of the bigger music labels out there.

All in all, I enjoyed Born Into This. It was an album I would recommend to fans of rock who enjoy a little twist here and there.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Born Into This
02. Citizens
03. Diamonds
04. Dirty Little Rockstar
05. Holy Mountain
06. I Assassin
07. Illuminated
08. Tiger In The Sun
09. Savages
10. Sound Of Destruction

Run Time: 40:00