Rabies-infested canines having an uncontrollable flow of shit coming from their rear-ends would be more appealing to me than the sounds of The Cast Pattern. The talent in the band can be counted on a fingerless hand. Their debut album (which took nearly a year to complete) is one of the worst I have heard in my lifetime.

James Savage’s vocals are extremely inspiring: by listening to him you gain inspiration on exactly how NOT to sing! I got an instant, pounding headache while being tortured by his voice. That’s very difficult to do considering I listen to a constant flow of music at full blast for roughly nine hours a day! I understand that yes, he is indeed the vocalist of a band that indeed has a recording deal, but everyone makes mistakes.

Usually I attempt to locate a hint of something that at least gives me a small amount of satisfaction. Unfortunately there is not one positive aspect to this album. The instrumentation is awfully dull; the vocals are by far the worst I have heard in my life; and the album artwork sparks no interest.

The Cast Pattern took twenty-eight minutes of my life that I will never get back. I would not recommend this album to any of my fellow colleagues.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Yetti, You Abomination
02. Set Like, Three Things On Fire
03. Douglas Funnie
04. Die With Your Boots On
05. Liberty, Armstrong, Doing it
06. Infant Stomper
07. Chunk up The Deuce
08. Parapalegic Fist Fight
09. She’s Not Pregnant, Just Fat
10. Shut Your…
11. …Homeless Mouth

Run Time: 27:48