Some bands have gone through a hell of a lot together. Still Standing are no exception to this rule, taking all of their hard learned life lessons and beautifully, transforming them into song. Their music is inspirational and attempts to make one be a better person – it’s great to see a band trying to do some good in the ugly world of today.

Sadly, the band was originally formed after the death of Johnny (guitarist/backup vocals) & Justin C’s (bass/lead vocals) father, seminal guitarist Tony Santoro. This tragedy occurred some time ago, when the boys were only 14 years of age… naturally this would have a major impact on their lives at this fragile age – it’s when one is just finding themselves as human beings. After his passing, the boys moved to a different neighborhood where they would not be accepted by their peers and would constantly see themselves ending up in fights.

Knowing full well that they would not be the social butterflies that every teenager wishes to be, Justin & Johnny sought a different method of release and decided to pick up some of their father’s guitars and teach themselves how to play. The gentlemen would begin to travel around jamming with whatever musicians they could find, continuously trying to make a good fit for a band. In 1998 drummer Alex Z. stepped into the picture and ever since the guys have been making beautiful music together as a solid unit.

The dudes of Still Standing started off as just a three-piece band (Johnny, Justin, and Alex) however, after the recording of first their album was completed, they decided to add on a fourth member in Lonny P. I’m not positive if I have heard any recordings where he is included, but I am sure that this addition will be an excellent one.

Marti Fredericksen (Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Buckcherry) discovered the talent that these boys possess and gave them the tools that they needed to write and produce their soon-to-be debut album. Still Standing will also be filmed by Fuse TV to participate in their upcoming show called “Rock Bottom”! I know I will be sitting down sometime on the computer and searching up the show (considering I don’t get FUSE TV).

Still Standing are a band that any fan can get into, especially considering they have what every musical act needs the most: desire, loyalty, passion, and last but not least talent. If you throw all of that into the live performance that they can put on, well then you have one kick-ass band. Check out their live shit for yourself… on their MySpace they have a video of them opening for the one and only Alice Cooper! Click the HERE and be amazed.

These men are not on a huge tour at the moment, but this is due in large to the fact that they are now waiting for the pending release of their new record. With much determination Still Standing are slowly creeping their way up into the world of Alternative music. They have the talent, they have the showmanship and they have the desire to be at the best of their game. I see Still Standing playing huge shows in the future. I know I may be a new fan, but I am a damn convinced one for sure. Good luck gentlemen!  [ END ]