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Album Review

Sound and Fury

Self-Titled (2008)



After a few frustrating attempts at trying to play this album in my computer’s CD player and having it freeze on me, I was greeted by a most excellent sound–The intoxicating raw rock ‘n’ roll fury of the first track on Sound and Fury’s self-titled album. This first song reminds me of the classic “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper, for obvious reasons, but with more of a punk edge making it in my opinion, the better of the two songs. For those of you who are wondering, no, it’s not a cover and no, I’m not trashing Alice Cooper or that classic song, I just prefer this song, jackass.

The rest of the album maintains the rock ‘n’ roll sound with the punk edge to it. The lyrics speak of life as a teenager along with a couple other themes which you can find out for yourself. Some may not enjoy the vocals but I find them very suiting. My favourite song on this album is “Hellhound,” mostly because of how heavy it is compared to the other songs, though not by much. It’s the perfect ending to the album and has a “rabid” ending. You won’t know what I mean until after the silence breaks on the last track. If you enjoy bands like Snowblower, Airbourne or even The 3tards I’m positive you’ll love these guys.

The cover pictures what appears to be arms reaching out of a pile of skulls towards a larger skull with an “SF” on the forehead, the Sound and Fury logo. I mean, everything about this band is sick, they have the look, the album cover is bodacious, their sound is wicked and the first time I heard about these guys was on Queen Street, probably somewhere near Bathurst, in Toronto. That effort shows true passion, I love it! It shows how the old ways of saying, “Check out my band!” are still alive and well as opposed to the now generic, “check out my band’s MySpace page!” which I heard more than once at Warped Tour on Saturday. In addition, their merch is awesome too, in fact, I happen to own one of their shirts which seems to be a not-so-subtle but metaphorical way of saying, “Fuck you!” with music. It’s a large x-ray of a hand giving the bird and the middle finger is a guitar neck, HA! In any case, this band is definitely worth checking out.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. School’s Out
02. Teenage Rampage
03. Can’t Get Enough
04. 18
05. Bad Touch
06. Night of the Ghouls
07. High School Hotbox
08. Runaway Love
09. Supercharged
10. The Stranger
11. Hellhound

Run Time: 42:08