New music has steadily been getting back on track. It’s not anywhere near what I would consider the best era of music (80’s), but they have definitely corrected the horrible music that the 90’s brought us. A great new addition to the world of hard rock goes by the name of Rev Theory. These gentlemen work their asses to the bone to fix what Hanson and The Spice Girls have ruined and get you to scream “Hell Yeah!”

Light It Up is Rev Theory’s debut album and it has more kick than a pissed off donkey on steroids! This ten track album is full of possible radio hits, some of which have already found their way onto your local radio stations. “Hell Yeah” and “Light It Up” have both had huge success for obvious reasons. The lyrics must have some kind of adhesive material attached to them for they seem to be glued into my brain… I’ve actually had some bad experiences due to this. If you have yelled out the words “it’s on tonight cause we’re about to light it up” in front of your manager while waving your fists around like a crazed lunatic… you are not alone! I really hope I’m not the only person that this music has corrupted.

If you have never heard Rev Theory, because you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, then I will enlighten you a bit and fill you in. This is a band who have the heavy instrumentation in the vein of hard rockers Nickelback fused with the vocal stylings of David Cook (American Idol winner… yea I know it’s a bad show, get off my back!). To top off the amazing sound that the band has, they bring the stage presence of Three Days Grace who are well known for their kick-ass live sets!

If you have any love for hard rock of any form, I suggest picking up this very solid debut record.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Hell Yeah
02. Favorite Disease
03. Light It Up
04. Broken Bones
05. Kill The Headlights
06. Wanted Man
07. Ten Years
08. Falling Down
09. You’re The One
10. Far From Over

Run Time: 39:26