Opiate For The Masses have had some stellar success with Manifesto, their follow-up to The Spore. Manifesto has been getting its fair share of time in the limelight. The hits “Burn You Down” and “21st Century Time Bomb” have gotten ample radio time (at least in my area).

This album is somewhat iffy for me. The success of the band is remarkable and undeniable, however industrial rock is not my favourite genre of music. Even though I don’t enjoy this genre very much, I must say that Opiate For The Masses have the talent to get to the top of the industrial charts.

Ron Underwood (vox) is not mediocre vocalist per se, but he doesn’t seem to have the range of most professionals (then again he is young, and should improve with time). Nevertheless, he is an excellent lyricist. Seven Antonopoulos (drums) would probably be the highlight of the band for me. His quick hands and interesting drum beats remind me of Joey Jordison (the well respected drummer of Slipknot). Jim Kaufman (guitar, synths and programming) is a multi-talented artist who deserves a mention in this review. His talent is hard to describe, so I suggest picking up a copy of Manifesto and hearing for yourself. Anna K. (bass) has what I will call the average ability of bassists. She can keep time, she can play without the guitar to back her up, but the riffs aren’t all that great.

“Burn You Down” is the most noticeable track on the album. The introduction actually reminds me of Linkin Park… no matter how much I dislike them, I have to admit that they can make a catchy tune. The reason the track is my most preferred is due to the lyrics. They are memorising, who can hear “I want to burn you down, shoot to kill, twist the blade until you feel, turn you on, get you off, promise never to reveal” and not be intrigued? I wanna know who gets turned on and gets off to getting a blade twisted in them… if you like that, gimme a call! (joking)

On a serious note, Opiate For The Masses have opened my eyes to Industrial music. I hope you all get the same pleasure I did in listening to these musicians.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. 21st Century Time Bomb
02. Lie
03. Burn You Down
04. Dead Underground
05. The Habit
06. Hold On
07. Wandering Star
08. Black Book
09. Washed Away
10. Naked
11. Manifesto

Run Time: 40:18