I hate to admit it, but I didn’t choose to receive No Assembly Required’s follow-up album. My boss (Mr. Gonda) decided to throw this CD into my hands. I must say, I am ecstatic that he decided to entrust me with this masterpiece of an album. In their 7 year career, No Assembly Required have been tearing up the Toronto music scene, yet somehow remained under my radar until now. With that said, I must go find a new radar… for mine seems to be effin’ broken. Will someone please tell me how I missed this band?

Enough about my stupidity and onto the album! The Great Tribulation has all the fixings to be a monster compact-disc. Luca Male is one talented dude who has nothing but potential and a get-the-fuck-out-of-my-way-before-I-rip-your-balls-off voice. This is one man I would not want to piss off during one of NAR’s sets. He brings a presence that most vocalists should bring, the presence of an alpha-male. The anger in his voice could lead a pack of rabid wolverines into war against an infuriated Russian army.

When listening to this album it’s hard to believe that the band only consists of four men. One vocalist, one guitarist, one bassist, and one drummer… most people who hear something this heavy and exhilarating would assume at least another guitarist is involved, if not more!

I hear a mixture of 36 Crazy Fists and Lamb Of God while being beat down by the music which No Assembly Required puts forth. Luca’s anger and power shows a resemblance to Randy Blythe (LOG) whereas the rest of the band shows a strong resemblance to 36 Crazy Fists with their instrumentation. When listening to the album pay close attention to “Binary” and you will get a full glimpse at these similarities. I personally love it, because both those bands rock my fucking socks.

Four men, one CD, ultimate perfection. No Assembly Required, The Great Tribulation[ END ]

Track Listing:

01. I Hate
02. Russia
03. A Day In February
04. Incinerate
05. Purification
06. Turns to Blood
07. International Love Affair
08. Binary
09. Of Sin and Suffering…
10. Pictures of You
11. Last Goodbye

Run Time: 38:32