Misery Signals are back with their third album Controller. And it seems that this band has found a sick pattern in releasing CDs; every two years they release another album which is worth being in any music fanatics’ collection. The five dudes in Misery Signals have found their particular groove, and I hope they stick in it… ’cause that would mean in 2010 we could possibly have yet another great record!

In all honesty, this album is perfect for my current mood. I am hating the world and everything that transpires in it. The angry, savage, almost animalistic sounds of Misery Signals mold right into my being. It’s like they feel my hate, and they feed off of it to make their own stronger. I literally just broke up with my bitchy, nagging, self-centered girlfriend before listening to this album and boy am I happy I did, because it makes this experience all the more pleasing.

Soothing, smooth, pleasing to the ear, none of these can describe Misery Signals. Like I said previously, they are angry… which is what draws me into them. When it comes down to music, sometimes the angrier the musicians, the better. The instrumentation is pounding, harsh, ear-splitting, triumphant, and so much more. The vocals are heart-felt, demolishing, frightening, powerful… they bring me to my knees and make me beg for forgiveness, and yet still more.

Controller has everything that I needed to hear at this particular time. I will not forget the name Misery Signals… it is now embedded in my head. I hope you can say the same.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Nothing
02. Weight Of The World
03. Labyrinthian
04. Parallels
05. Coma
06. A Certain Death
07. Set In Motion
08. Ebb and Flow
09. Reset
10. Homecoming

Run Time: 41:51