Will somebody please tell the members of Gotthard that less is sometimes more?! Domino Effect is a nineteen-track album. Yes, you read that right. Nineteen tracks! I understand that sometimes one is just too proud of his or her accomplishments to be able to narrow it down; however nineteen is just a ridiculous amount of songs to have on one album.

Gotthard have been ruling Switzerland’s top-charts for roughly fifteen years. In that time they have obtained the right to brag about their ten number-one albums. I am no fool. I know that is a great accomplishment for any band. I just can’t see how they have made it this long and have so much success under their belts.

The musicians of Gotthard don’t have any noticeable talent in my opinion. They aren’t horrible, but I just can’t see how one of their albums could sell over a million copies—unless they have very large families.

When listening to Domino Effect I found myself extremely bored. I am by no means an active man, yet I found time to do a couple of curls and some push-ups when listening to this drawn-out album. The length is probably the worst part of Gotthard’s newest album. What the fuck were these men attempting to do, put everyone to sleep?

Gotthard’s reputation exceeds their abilities. I was quite unhappy with Domino Effect[ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Master Of Illusion
02. Gone Too Far
03. Domino Effect
04. Falling
05. The Call
06. The Oscar Goes To…
07. The Cruiser (Judgment Day)
08. Help Me
09. Letter To A Friend
10. Tomorrow’s Just Begun
11. Come Alive
12. Bad To The Bone
13. Now
14. Where Is Love When It’s Gone
15. Can’t Be The Real Thing
16. Anytime Anywhere
17. El Traidor
18. Lift U Up
19. Tu Pasion

Run Time: 73:49