Sitting in the near capacity crowd on July 17th, 2008 at Toad’s Place in Richmond, Virginia listening to the band I found myself transported back to 1987. Granted the spandex is long gone and the hair may not be quite as high, but Dokken still put on one hell of a show. There have been a few lineup changes over the years but this line up of John Levin on the guitar, Barry Sparks on bass and original members; drummer Mick Brown and Don Dokken really seemed to click.

Opening with the vintage Dokken tune “Kiss of Death,” the band launched into an extraordinary set which included such hits as: “Dream Warriors,” “Alone Again,” and “It’s Not Love.” Don Dokken was in great spirits as he bantered casually with the crowd between tunes. The band was exceptionally tight and the fans, some of them who were not even born when the first Dokken album was released seemed to be having a great time.

The band closed with a crowd favorite “In My Dreams” and when the lights came on, I found myself wanting more. It was good to see that after twenty something years and a total shift in the music business Dokken is still going strong. They are touring in support of their newest release Lightening Strikes Again on Rhino/Frontier records. Check them out while they’re on tour if you can; if not, buy the record!  [ END ]