This political punk music has good intentions: to spread concerns and queries about the current political scenario, particularly in the United States. But the theme of abusing power is totally cliché. Sorry dudes. Maybe I’m just past the stage where I have to act out against society for all my vices and stupid decisions—but maybe some people will find the tunes good for rocking out to…maybe.

Bright Lights of America is nothing that will bring some zing to your eardrums. The whole album sounds the same, like one song that’s an hour long.

Enjoying this album is a daunting task. It can be compared to sitting in a lecture theatre, listening to the most boring professor on the planet, and you only went to class because it’s required to graduate and there’s a midterm approaching.

Track Listing:

01 Good and ready
02 The Bright Lights of America
03 Vices
04 The Modern Rome Burning
05 If You Wanna Steal
06 No Warning
07 Spit In the Face
08 We Are The Lost
09 Go West
10 Smartest Bomb
11 Shadow Of The Dead
12 The Ink And The Quill

Run Time: 52:14