Do you like intensified instrumentation along with clear distinctive vocalization? If so, Another Black Day’s (ABD) self-titled debut album might already be in your CD collection. Their sound fits perfectly into my favourite genre of music… Metal! These guys don’t have a specific sub-genre; they can play all your favourite metal without limitation.

Every band member deserves their own respect… they don’t rely on each others’ talents, they make their own and deliver it to the fans. Matthew Wilkof handles the lead axe with his masterful 20 years experience… but for this man it just isn’t enough as he also does all of the band’s vocals. Angel Hernandez is the drummer whose skill level approaches that of my personal favourite drummer (Neal Peart of Rush). Das Haas seems to have the power to slay evil demons with his bass guitar, if the music does not kill them… he will beat them in the fucking face with his trusted Peavy bass. Ernesto Paez is the newest addition to ABD and he has a tremendous 8 year band resume (that’s seriously amazing considering he is only 21 years old).

All the music on ABD’s brand new self-titled album brings a smile to my pudgy face. It’s always nice to see four people who mold together to form such a great band… and with time they will only get better. Remember, this is indeed only their debut-album. I look forward to hearing more material from them, but in the meantime I strongly urge you to pick up this album… if you don’t have it already!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Another Black Day
02. Hallowed
03. Wicked Soul
04. Anymore
05. Take Back
06. Awakened
07. Crawling
08. Stand Up
09. Idols
10. Crickets
11. From the Ashes

Run Time: 43:18