Hard-rockers Rev Theory aren’t the type of band that blows up over night, but on the same note they won’t come and go in a flash, like so many bands before them. Rich Luzzi, the band’s animated front-man, reflected on the path from Revelation Theory to new moniker, Rev Theory, and new album, “Over the past few years we have had so many different experiences, we’ve partied all over north America and Europe, toured with some great bands, lost loved ones, gone through relationships, furthered our dream by signing a major label deal, sacrificed everything we’ve had and dealt with the whole roller coaster of the business and our personal struggles…at the end of all this is Light it Up.”

Rev Theory have a dedication, a drive, a stick-to-itiveness, and now a sound that will propel them much beyond their 2005 debut, Truth In Currency. That sound which Lonn Friend, former RIP Magazine editor, calls “loud, crunchy, hook-sick, bombastic, and Appetite-inspired,” is encompassed on the forthcoming Light It Up – the band’s first dip into the major record label world.

“We feel like Light It Up encompasses our conquests, fortunes, sacrifices, and struggles since 2005. If we had one goal it was to set ourselves apart from our contemporaries, we set out to make an album you could listen to all the way through, we wanted to be more ambitious, we used albums like Appetite for Destruction, and The Black Album, and Back in Black as inspiration, and we are proud of every song that’s on this album,” said Luzzi.

With epic albums as inspiration and super-producers Brian Howes (Puddle of Mudd, Hinder, Daughtry) and Josh Abraham (Korn, Staind) at the helm, the Interscope Records debut is poised to impress.

The combination has already begun to pay off as first single, ‘Hell Yeah” rocked radio as the number one most added song to Rock Radio in multiple weeks. The WWE has also taken notice of Rev Theory’s potential, choosing title track “Light It Up” as the official theme to Wrestlemania XXIV. EA Games quickly raised their hand and confirmed “Hell Yeah” to be included in the release of Nascar 09 as well as promotional trailers leading up to the game’s release.

Another integral part of the equation, for any band, is touring, and Rev Theory are no exception. The band has called the road home for months with no end in sight. Having the stage with the likes of Evanescence, Seether, Flyleaf and others the band will take the summer months to tour with Puddle of Mudd, Shinedown, and Saving Abel to name a few.

Major corporations, major sports, major labels, major tours and a hit single are all the makings for the perfect storm, and in this case a major career! Light It Up hits stores June 10th.

Article by: Melissa Goldberg

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