With every new dawn there comes new inspiration for new music, and new bands emerge. Full Blown Chaos is one of the bands that wakes up and thinks “Let’s do something completely different.” They aren’t a metalcore or hardcore band. They are a little of every genre of metal, blended with hardcore, creating one ultimate sound. In 2007, that sound creeps over the horizon and brings the band’s new dawn: Heavy Lies The Crown.

Heavy Lies The Crown has got to be the Full Blown Chaos’ greatest achievement to date. Every track is different, blending a variety of genres together. Imagine the world’s biggest Gusher candy–that’s what this album is like: sweet, yet sour, and kicks some MAJOR ass.

My absolute favourite track on the album is “Raise Hell” because that is exactly what metalheads need for an anthem. The entire track is insanely heavy, which is what a proper anthem for metal should be like. Another sick song on the album is “Over the End”. It is THE perfect song to play live to get a huge mosh pit going. I caught myself head banging and nodding my head, and I honestly didn’t even realize I was doing it. Fucking insane.

Overall, I stand by what I said about this album being the band’s biggest achievement ever. If I could give higher than ten, I would, but unfortunately I can’t.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Firefight
02. The Hard Goodbye
03. Halos For Heroes
04. Fall Like A Champ
05. Heavy Lies The Crown
06. Over The End
07. No Last Call
08. All For Nothing
09. Raise Hell
10. Standpoint
11. Mojave Red Pt. 1
12. Mojave Red Pt. 2

Run Time: 46:13