Eve To Adam have built a reputation and a strong following through constant gigging and making themselves accessible to their fans whether after a show or via their strong presence on the internet and sites such as MySpace. With the release of their debut CD Queens to Eden, Eve to Adam have set out on a mission to bring their brand of rock and roll to as many people as possible. The CD rocks with the best of them and the band has even generated a buzz with their single “Coming Home a Stranger”, a song they dedicate every night to the soldiers in Iraq. They have just finished up a tour with Tesla and they are back on the road with Adema supporting the CD. Lead singer Taki took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about the record and the band.

You guys have been receiving rave reviews for your single “Coming Home a Stranger.” What inspired the song and does it strike an emotional chord when you play it every night in front of an audience?
Taki: Absolutely, I mean that is the reason we keep performing it. We are definitely emotionally connected to the content and to what is going on right now. You know with this situation overseas we are all wondering how it is going to wrap up and how many more people are going to have to lose their lives. The more dire the situation becomes the more emotional relevance the song has and as a performer it just gets me every night.

According to your bio you guys make it a point to make your fans feel invested in your band. How has MySpace and the other internet sites helped you achieve this?
Taki: MySpace puts the information out there where you can find information on the band before anyone else does. It helps the fans feel like they are on the inside of the walls of the project. It really gives them a ticket to behind the scenes. We can communicate directly with them and we can address any questions they might have about lyrics or song content or whatever. I think it is a great avenue. Sometimes it is a little arduous to respond to all of the messages, you know, we get quite a few messages a day but it is necessary to getting the word out.

How does it make you feel when the emotion or power you envisioned while writing a song comes to life in front of an audience?
Taki: That’s the payoff right there. I mean that is what you do it for. From the inception of a song to its recording, then taking it out on the stage and blasting that energy out in front of a crowd, that’s what you do it for. It makes it come full circle… it is the completion of the process, you know, without that there is no real motivation to keep writing.

Along those same lines, how do you feel your live shows differ from your CDs?
Taki: I think the live show is a little edgier maybe a little more intense and has a little bit more punch and impact to it. Which is why I think people love to come to the live show because you get the record and you know the songs; you want to see it performed… not just replicated, you know?

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?
Taki: I don’t think I have had that moment yet. We are just getting started. I guess flying out to L.A. to finally make a record that was going to be representative of what we do.

Every band has its musical influences. What are some of the bands and artists that have greatly influenced your songwriting and performance?
Taki: I definitely have to go with Guns N’ Roses, early Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, early Soundgarden. And then obviously it goes back to the 70s, you know, the Doors and Zeppelin. I would have to say the core of our influence is the bridge between late 80’s big rock sound like Guns N’ Roses and the early 90s sound of Grunge Rock with Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. That was the last time I was excited about rock music… I mean there was a real movement there… a lot of energy.

What does the future hold for you guys as a band?
Taki: A lot of touring and a lot of playing… that’s really where we are going to make our name. We are not on a huge label so, you know, they have committed to tour supporting us for quite some time and I think the way we are going to break this record is by continuously going out there and putting on great shows and building a great name for ourselves as a quality entertainment act. We are going to keep focusing on our live performance and on being the best rock and roll band that we can be.