SiOP is the real deal! They are a very unique-sounding band that hails from Phoenix, Arizona. With the recent release of their new CD Abnormality, they only continue to rock out hard and garner new and loyal fans form all around the world. With frontman Craig Daley’s original singing voice, Scott Ertelt’s and Stitch’s amazing ability to play the guitar, Bekie Gantt’s stellar timing on the drums, and James Moncol’s steady bass playing, this five piece band makes up the perfect combination for some great music.

The first track on the CD is an intro titled, “Intro” which leads up and into the first song “Save Yourself.” The first thing I have to point out with this song is Bekie’s unique drum beat. Take the time to listen to it and you will be surprised at how little other drummers would use a beat like this. The guitar and bass are nothing too special in this track (not to knock the song at all), but I feel that the drums are far more important for this tune.

My favourite track on the CD is number eight, “Gift.” I personally love this song because it just gives me a warm feeling inside. The song is about a member of the band’s daughter and how he watches her growing up, asking for God to always take care of her even if he isn’t able to himself. I love to see a religious band who tries to bring some form of God into their music (without preaching about it!). Furthermore, even if the lyrics are not something you can or want to relate to, the music makes up for it. Although a great tune, I can’t help but feel that it lacks a certain something.

The last song on the CD is titled “Voices.” It’s only the 11th track on the album, but the last track is only an outro which literally tells you that, “The CD is over and to leave.” “Voices” is probably the heaviest song on the album in terms of the instrumentals and with it they finally show you what they are capable of with their instruments. I love to hear a nice-sounding track that vocalists, drummers, bassists, and guitarists can all listen to and be pleased with what they hear.

Overall, I loved SiOP’s newest record. Every member of the band is talented at what they do, even if they don’t show it at all the time. I feel that this is a great band for most hard rock fans, especially if you like bands such as: Linkin Park, Papa Roach, System of a Down, or Sevendust. I would have to give SiOP’s Abnormality a 8.1/10 for they have a fantastic foundation with which to work. Good work boys and girl… keep it coming!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. Save Yourslef
03. Apology
04. Pieces
05. Scarz
06. Reason
07. Follow
08. Gift
09. Promise
10. Scarz (Naked)
11. Voices
12. Get Out (Outro)

Run Time: 40:47
Release Date: 2006