Negative End is a Trash Metal band from South Wales, United Kingdom. Sounding much like Slayer, this band has been tearing apart Europe since 2004, and has thus spread overseas into North American, causing a scene there as well. Now although the band hasn’t been around for a long time, there have already been some line-up changes. The current line-up is Anthony (guitar), Drew (bass), Dynamo (guitar), Gareth (vocals), and Rhys (drums).

First up on the album would be “Intro (Senses Cloud).” Now as the title mentions, it is indeed an intro to the album. It starts off fairly slow, with just a rhythmic riff. Eventually, the pace picks up, getting into a heavier groove. Near the end of the intro, Gareth says “The end starts now,” which actually kind of gave me the creeps, considering the instrumental completely halted just in time for his chilling words to be uttered.

Fourth up on the album is “The Demographics of Hate.” With Gareth’s vocal style, it is very clear how much of a resemblance this band has with Slayer. He’s got that thrash vocal style that accentuates the mood on the track, and the overall feel of the CD. The only thing that kind of threw the track off was the instrumental. It was a little bit on the repetitive side.

Tenth in the line-up would be “Apocalypse Of My Mind.” The instrumental to this track was amazing. Catchy, heavy, and brutal; what more could a heavy metal fan want? The back-up vocals were quite well done as well, including the occasional screaming. The drums were tight, keeping time all the way through, never skipping a beat.

On the whole, I’d have to say this album was pretty good. For fans of Slayer, Pantera, or even Metallica, I recommend this album. It’s quite catchy! I give this LP a 7/10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Intro (Senses Cloud)
02. deadBOLT
03. The Brigade
04. The Demographics of Hate
05. Fregoli Delusions
06. Whispering Death
07. Amongst The Other
08. Mine To Lose
09. Rephrase
10. Apocalypse of the Mind
11. Sit Back And Watch Me Bleed

Run Time: 41:11