While I can forgive Killswitch Engage for bringing Hatebreed on their latest tour, I don’t know if I can forgive them for the artwork that accompanies this album, although it should have people that think wrestling is real totally psyched. Thankfully, though, sight is not the sense to which this band is supposed to appeal, and when it comes time to make something badass come through the headphones, Killswitch deliver.

This record is full of what has become expected from this band: thundering breakdowns, monstrous screams and more guitar squeals than there are STD’s at the Playboy Mansion. “The Arms of Sorrow,” or the album’s first single “My Curse” are great examples of how this band can just pound the listener into submission despite not really being anything we haven’t heard before.

And while Howard Jones’ sung vocals aren’t really my cup of tea, they’re at least on key and don’t sound like a kid in the middle of puberty yelling at his parents for not buying him an X Box. People that like heavy music already know that Killswitch, along with maybe Lamb of God are the two main things keeping American metal credible, and so they should already be excited for this record.

I myself had fun with it, and so even though it’s the same old same old, at least it’s the same old something good. As Daylight Dies reminds us that Killswitch are still running the show, and that bands like Atreyu can only hope to snack on their overflow of groupies who take pictures of themselves in fishnet stockings for their MySpace profiles.

Track Listing:

01. Daylight Dies
02. This is Absolution
03. The Arms of Sorrow
04. Unbroken
05. My Curse
06. For You
07. Still Beats Your Name
08. Eye of the Storm
09. Break The Silence
10. Desperate Times
11. Reject Yourself

Run Time: 43:39
Release Date: November 21, 2006