Job For A Cowboy made the world think in another way with this EP. Doom opened so many doors for bands and music listeners around the globe! This is hands down my all time favorite CD ever written and I cannot wait for their forthcoming full-length. Even though Doom only has 6 songs, it will seriously blow your mind and make you wonder what the hell is in the water in Arizona (the band’s hometown). What makes this accomplishment even more incredible is how young the band’s members are (they all ranging from 17 to 20). No one has ever put out an EP like this and fortunately for JFACB, they got mad popular via myspace and soon thereafter were signed to Metalblade Records.

This is hands down the dirtiest death metal album to date. There are breakdowns, squeals, harmonics, blast beats, crazy vocals, and insane bass work, oh my! At the end of the day it’s mostly death metal (and amazing death metal at that), yet so different from any other bands’ attempts at something fresh! Each song is filled with amazing riffage, which even though it’s not super-complex, still remains just plain bad-ass to the max.

My favorite song is probably “Knee Deep.” It has a lot of fun riffs going on and the drums are crazy as hell. The over all recording of this EP is superb and the mixing was very well done. JFACB are always playing shows and selling out of merch. And I would know! I saw them live in Toronto and didn’t know when they were going to return, so I bought 3 shirts and got to see the best metal show ever! I already said that Job For a Cowboy is my all time favorite band now and it’s in large due to this EP. The disc is amazing in every way, so if you’re a fan of metal, then you ought to buy this album… no ifs, ands, or buts!

Already, in such a short time, this group has been on bills with such mighty bands as Necrophagist, Ion Dissonance, The Red Chord, The Black Dahlia Murder, Unearth, Hatebreed, and so many more. There is no stopping them, and I guarantee they will only get bigger!

Jonny’s vocals are also unlike any other singer. I mean this guy started a new trend called “Bree & Ree” and if you don’ know what I’m talking about, then you certainly will after you hear this record. Jonny is hands down the best metal vocalist ever for low screams and the band sounds just as dead on live as they do on this CD.

All I can really add is that this band is totally insane and most likely you won’t be disappointed with this EP. In all honesty, it’s as if all the best metalcore, melodic death metal, tech metal, grindcore, and hardcore bands became one and out popped fucking Job For a Cowboy. Without a doubt Doom gets a perfect 10 out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01 Catharsis for the Buried (Intro)
02. Entombment of a Machine
03. Relinquished
04. Knee Deep
05. The Rising Tide
06. Suspended by the Throat

Run Time: 23:46