A band hailing from West Tarentum and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are here to let you know that some music just can’ be totally classified into one specific style. This band is totally original by all means and then some. Featherlight have a lot of potential for sure, mostly due to the fact that their music is very original.

Featherlight is a band that holds nothing back at all; they will rock you, especially if you’re looking for something new and fresh. They have been picked up by a label called Infantry Division Records and are slowly acquiring a bigger fan base day by day. The LP they just put out, The Lights Go Out has 11 tracks that will each make you listen very carefully. They have a mix of everything in their music, genres ranging from Screamo, Emo and Rock to Alternative, Punk and Metal. Not a bad mix!

They really do have a crazy style and originality for sure, but what I find lacking on this disc is a bit of guitar tone. For me it doesn’t have enough balls (or bass) which makes the record very “treble-ish” for the most part, but overall it’s alright. This band is very talented so don’ get me wrong and don’t forget that this is their first record (and it’s been released on an indie label), so I’m sure their recordings will get better over time.

For the most part, the band is very catchy to the point that in some parts of songs you’re thinking, “Yeah this could be on the radio and be getting more air play the most of the shit out there today!” My favorite song on this disc is “Uss Me.” It’s kinda poppy (due to some of the higher end notes being played on the guitar during the awesome off-time changes), but the song itself I find to be very aggressive. Around the 3 minute mark, the higher end notes start doing a crazy pull off riff that is awesome and fits in very will with the backing rhythm of the band. The vocals were very dark but overall very well done and easy to listen to. One thing I like about the singer is that you can hear everything he speaks, so that’s a bonus.

The mix was alright and the mastering even better. The drums are very dead on and the snare drum sounds rad. The music itself isn’t very complicated, but it’s very well done and something you could easily get in to. I will tell you that this is more for the younger kids… although the music is great; the band does lack some musical maturity. In any case, that will undoubtedly change over time. I do support these guys at what they are doing and their messages have great intentions, so I’m gonna give them a 7.8 out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Unavoidable Tragedies
02. Avoiding a Trainwreck
03. Please Kill Your Local Heroin Dealer
04. The Lights Go Out
05. This is What We Do in Our Spare Time
06. How Many More
07. Uss Me
08. I’m Getting Tired of This
09. Drop
10. Little Boy
11. My Only Friend

Run Time: ??:??