Black Label Society is a band that unfortunately I never really listened to until this year. When I first heard them I was like, “this sounds live a heavier Ozzy or something.” But after my bud explained to me that Zakk Wylde was in Ozzy Osborne’s band I kinda got the hint on where this band was going. I thought it was just gonna be some rip off band of Ozzy, but I was so wrong. The guitar shredding is so much better and the band Black Label Society is way more melodic and heavier. They have such a clean sound as a band and any of their songs will stick in your head. Their newest piece of art, and it’s definitely their most melodic/blues rock one yet, is called Shot To Hell.

This is a fucking awesome album and whenever I put this bad boy in my music maker, it makes my brain rock out and I zone out from reality and just listen to the sounds of BLS. The mixture of kick-ass riffs and melodies really highlight the talent that this band has. I am truly satisfied with the music, vocals, style and sound. This is by far my favorite CD out of all 8 the band has put out over the last decade or so.

Wylde is very consistent at releasing album after album; albums that are all of an equally consistent quality and sound. They all seem to kick major ass and they always make you press repeat! Shot To Hell was released on September 12th 2006 and is a great CD to check out if you have never heard this band before… or even if you want to check out how good of a guitar player Zakk Wylde is.

My favorite tracks on this CD are track one “Concrete Jungle” and track seven “Hell Is High.” They are just raw songs, but have so much punch to them. I love the vocal patterns on these songs and I’m a big fan of the leads in “Concrete Jungle.” The way the chorus is sung on this song is amazing and he tricks you the first time through and makes it seem like a build up. But then you clue in after the second way through and you know what the song is all about.

Zakk is well known for his signature bulls-eye guitars by Gibson and trademark guitar squealing noises. He also has his own signature guitars by Gibson and has his own signature pick ups by EMG; they are called the 81 and 85’s. This man is pretty much a legend, so if you want to pick up a good CD this year, get this one… you won’t be let down. The sound of this CD is really stellar; the drums sound so full and have a nice tone tom-wise.

The high hats sound nice and crisp along with the ride bell. The drums are perfectly in time with the rest of the band and the bass lines are very well written. They pretty much harmonize the rhythm guitar so the songs sound nice and full. The guitar shredding is amazing, but I think that is pretty much expected with any BLS album. Zakk Wylde’s voice is as clear as it gets and the effects sound so good on it. The tones are all perfectly in pitch with everything going with the music and I can’t even say any more! I give this CD 9 out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Concrete Jungle
02. Black Mass Reverends
03. Blacked Out World
04. The Last Goodbye
05. Give Yourslef To Me
06. Nothing’s The Same
07. Hell Is High
08. New Religion
09. Sick Of It All
10. Faith Is Blind
11. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
12. Devil’s Dime
13. Lead Me To Your Doctor

Run Time: 44:11