Ok off the bat I’m just gonna say it… Awesome band dudes, but I think they are just a little bit confused with the sound that they want. I am hearing like ten different kinds of music on this CD called Lost At Sea. It goes from like all the way to Nu Metal to like 80’s punk and then back to old school 80’s Metal and Rock. They even have a bit of hip hop going on, so maybe they should hook up a show with 50 Cent or something. But yeah… on the bright side, this is a really good sounding CD over all.

This disc has 12 tracks that will leave you with a little something called “The Jaw Dropping Effect.” This is essentially the desire to play a song again, right after you just did. You feel damp and wet with perspiration because you’re listening to this band and honestly trying to figure out their sound. Your jaw drops as the songs progress and what’s even more interesting is the sweat dripping from your nipples while the music is playing. I tried putting these dudes in a category, but guess what… it didn’t work. Another great thing about this album is that I’m pretty sure there is a song on the disc for everyone; none of them sound the same one fucking bit.

Sometimes when you think, “man I wan to hear a band that sounds a lot different” it can be frustrating as a lot of groups sound the same. Not with 2Cents it wont, because they are all over the map.

My favorite tracks are “Get The Door” and “Lost At Sea.” They’re very different from one another and are still heavy as MOFOs. I think anyone that can play drums and be the lead singer for a band at the same time is already beyond talented. This applies to band frontman Adam O’Rourke who also has a tight-ass band to back him up along the way. The songs are all well mixed and sound very catchy. For the most part, even though this band is all over the map, a lot of this shit sticks in your head. I think that’s just because they are the BOMB!

The overall sound of the CD is sick; the drums are just simply amazing and the toms sound nice and thick. I love drums that sound low and damp, not high and tingy-like. The guitar player shreds like a man running around the Pacific Ocean with 37 chainsaws strapped to his back. They have suck a sick tone it makes me want to grab my axe and riff rocket my way into a new world called guitar land. The bass is really well played and the overall sound of said instrument is just awesome! This dude is a very tight bass player and has trippy hair… I wish I could party with him.

Lost At Sea: Over all I dig it and recommend it to anyone. I give it 8.8 out of 10. PS: track 5 is sick as well and it’s called “A Song For Darrell Abbott.” It’s an amazing tribute to the great Dimebag Darrell of Pantera and Damageplan fame so I give these boys props for writing that tune as well.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Always The Victim
02. Bitter Again
03. No Direction
04. Overdrive
05. Fall Apart
06. Livin’ For Me
07. Push
08. Learn
09. Blame (It’s All On Me)
10. If I Believed
11. The Tear

Run Time: 37:56