I’m so pumped to do this review not just because I Hate Sally are my favorite band in my area, but also because I’ve had the chance to play with them like 3 times. This band is amazing live and they are also awesome people in general. The band is from Kingston, Ontario, Canada and has had a few line up changes in their time. They have played nothing but amazing shows whilst touring all over Canada.

I Hate Sally is one hell of a story to tell. They have been a band for about 7 years now starting out in the Punk scene in the late 90’s. Everyone who heard them just fell in love with the sound of the band. Dee, the singer, actually used to play bass for them a few years back. The history on this band is awesome, but right now they are bigger then they have ever been. Don’t Worry Lady, their first full length album, was put out by none other then Toronto’s own Underground Operations; one of the most respected indie labels in Canada.

This CD has 10 awesome tracks that will leave you breathless at the end of it all… and I’m sure you will play it over again and again. I Hate Sally give you nothing but pure Kingston Thrash Metal on this CD and if you love the disc then all I can say is, wait till you see them live! They put on one of the best shows you have ever seen!

This band is full of energy; I don’t know what it is… they must eat kids for breakfast or something because I’ve never seen a band with this much energy. Out of every show I’ve ever been to (local or big guys), these dudes have blown them all away, but that’s just how they do it. They don’t do it to show off or anything, that’s just them and that’s why I love their tunes. They are also very original at what they do and are by far one of the best at it when it comes to live shows.

Don’t Worry Lady is one of the best CDs I have heard all year. Since I got it, it hasn’t even left my CD player and that’s weird for mw because I always switch up my music. This CD is 43:50 in length and full of some of the best Thrash Metal I’ve ever heard. My favorite songs on this CD are “Hannah Hannah” and “Bathsheba of Seven.” They are so powerful in every way. I recommend these songs to anyone that has not yet heard this band.

The over all sound of the CD is amazingly tight and just full of energy they whole way through. The drums are dead on and tight as hell; not to mention the drummer is amazingly fast and just hits everything at the perfect time. The guitar is just so full of power and the bass is very refreshing and thick at the same time. This band is one big power house, but when the vocals of Dee Prescott come in, it changes the whole sound of this band making them shit thunder and eat lightning.

Dee can out scream most guys in the world and that’s one of the reasons why this band is so tight at what they do. There is nothing that will step in their way! The time changes, raw power, and fast pace of this band is incredible, so give this band a listen! Overall I give this CD a 10 of out 10 because it’s by far the best thing I have heard in a long time.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Eve, Rule Over Him
02. Song of Deborah
03. Hannah Hannah
04. Martha Served
05. Iscah’s Life
06. Iscah’s Cancer
07. Bathsheba of Seven
08. Mary! Mary!
09. Anna’s Empty Conscious For The Blessed
10. Eve, Be Dear To Him

Run Time: 43:50