San Diego, California is a great place to play music if you’re in a metal band or any kind of band actually. The fans are wild and the girls are fucking sexy as hell. But the band I’m about to let you in on is a group that has changed the death metal scene down there and up here. Why? Because they are just so fuckin’ amazing! This is by far the best four piece death metal band ever to grace us with their music.

Cattle Decapitation are back yet again with their third full length album on Metal Blade Records. This disc is called Karma. Bloody. Karma. This 12 track LP is simply amazing in every way it should be from a band like this. The power and aggression this CD has is unreal to all extremes. Basically, if you love death metal, grind core or even straight up metal you will more than likely love this band with all passions possible as a fan. This is by far their best CD to date. It’s fast as a mother fucker, the guitar riffs are deadly and the drumming is so intense that it will make you want to mosh your face in to the new year.

Anyone who knows of Cattle Decapitation should by now know that they are an extreme band with awesome views. This CD will only serve to prove this if you give it the chance to grace your CD player. The vocals are probably the most intense the band has ever unleashed, because Ryan’s voice range is almost humanly unreal He can go as low as he wants and as high as he wants without sounding off.

To me this band makes Cannibal Corpse look like S Club Seven and I’m not even joking! For a Four piece band they sound like Slipknot times ten when Slipknot was actually good. Karma. Bloody. Karma is easily the heaviest, fastest and over all best CD I have heard this year. Songs like “Total Gore” and “Alone at the Landfill” should make you think the same and if not, then you’re just so messed up that you shouldn’t even get a chance to listen to another metal CD for the rest of your time.

The over all quality of this CD is perfect. It’s more then that… it’s simply golden. The guitar tone is amazing in so many ways because its low parts are very in your face and the high end is very sharp and crisp. The bass is punchy like it should be for a four piece group and the drums are like blast beat heaven. So if you want to pick up something good this week at the CD store, I definitely suggest this if it’s there. I loved this so much that I’m giving it 10.5 out of 10… if that’s even possible!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. Unintelligent Design
03. Success Is… (Hanging By The Neck)
04. One Thousand Times Decapitation
05. The Carcass Derrick
06. Total Gore
07. Bereavement
08. Suspended In Coprolite
09. Alone At The Landfill
10. Karma Bloody Karma
11. The New Dawn
12. Of Human Pride & Flatulence

Run Time: 40:44