This is basically the best super group ever! It’s like if you were to stack a hockey team to the tits with all the best players. Red Circuit is an amazing Power Metal group consisting of some of the most talented musicians in the melodic and progressive metal genres in the world. It is basically the main project for Markus Teske, one of the greatest producers to come out of Germany… ever! He is best known for his work with bands such as Vanden Plas, Symphony X, Saga, Neal Morse, and Ian Parry’s Consortium Project. Andy Kuntz is the man to co-produce the album for the band so you know it’s gotta sound good.

Hear is some other crazy info on this CD before we get right into the review…

Guest Musicians:
Guitar solo on “The Veil” by Stephan Lill.
Guitar solo on “Search For Your Soul” by Patrick Rondat.
Guitar solo on “Is It Gold?!” by Stephan Forté.
Backing vocals on all songs except “Under The Sun” and “The Screen” by Jojo Nimtz.
Violins on all songs except “The Veil,” “Is It Gold?!,” and “You Might Have Been Queen” by Felix Manhart.

Red Circuit is definitely a band that plays “Progressive Metal;” with a touch of melodic choruses and crazy riffin’ guitars. I can tell you right now that you will not be expecting something as technical as you hear. All of these songs are like there own little journey… or something along those lines. Tracks such as “Under the Sun” are so friggin’ badass to the max. They are excellent in both the guitar and vocal departments and boast very catchy melodies and rhythms to back it up. All the songs are well orchestrated and with all 10 songs you hear nothing that sounds the same. The fact that every song sounds different is a big plus with this CD.

Trance State shows so much creativity in it that I’m pretty sure it’s something people will respect even if they’re not into this kind of music. The singer almost has a “Guns & Roses” feel to his voice which I found to be really cool and the drummer seems to really like using his toms in between riffs for the fills. Everything about this disc is good other then this one thing that… the lyrics. They are kind of corny, but I won’t really dig into that too much because other then that, this CD is damn decent.

The overall mix was awesome! The guitar solos and leads were very filling. The guitar sweeps are also very well done and it’s good to see guitar players doing stuff to their full potential; not holding anything back for the sake of the band. Overall this CD is good and I hold a lot of respect for the music itself, so I give it 7.9 out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Under the Sun
02. Is It Gold?!
03. The Veil
04. Where You Are
05. So Hard to Be Like God
06. Search For Your Soul
07. You Might Have Been Queen
08. The Screen
09. Go Straight
10. Trance State

Run Time: 43:37