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Album Review

Mute Math

Self-Titled (2006)



Myspace is good for something after all, it introduced me to Mute Math.

No one can rock a Keytar like Paul Meany. The band uses vintage instruments from the 70’s and 80’s to create their fusion of new wave, new age, rock. “Reset” reminds me of a new wave Duran Duran track and it is awesome!

This is a band that took the time to do what they want and not what the label suggested. Every tack is a crowd pleaser, and so are the antics of Mr. Meany. The band knows what direction they want to take with their music and don’t worry too much about how many records they will sell.

If you listen closely, and some of you may not be old enough to think of the great Sting, but Mean’s voice does resemble it.

“Plan B” is probably the most recognizable song off the album. It’s been played pretty much everywhere over the Internet… it’s no wonder it’s a great song.

I love this band; plain and simple they appeal to the likes of many. It’s a refreshing approach to mainstream rock music. Who hear is tired of screaming kids who will soon fade in the coming years? I am!

This is one of the strongest albums of the year; this is the year of Mute Math.

9.5/10. I better get a keytar for Christmas this year!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Collapse
02. Typical
03. After We Have Left Our Homes
04. Chaos
05. Noticed
06. Plan B
07. Stare at the Sun
08. Obsolete
09. Break The Same
10. You Are Mine
11. Control
12. Picture
13. Stall Out
14. Reset

Run Time: 63:20