Ok this is probably the most original band I have ever heard in my life… that is in the Gothic/Metal scene. And with that, I mean no band whatsoever can compare to this. This band has so much potential it’s not even funny; having a band like this out there is definitely a gift to the music world. No ‘madder’ what kind of music your into, you will respect this band for the simple reason that, “they are amazing in every aspect possible.” So here is my review on Desiderata.

Madder Mortem plays music that goes beyond your imagination; they basically take their selves in different directions all over the musical journey including: Jazz, Gothic, Death Metal, Rock, Progressive, Tech Metal and Nu Metal. This band is here with there new release Desiderata and let me tell you this is definitely a CD you should pick up… you can learn a lot about time changes and temp shifts. My favorite part of the CD is all the crazy jazz riffs they pull off, they do it in an eerie, molo/melodic and even a darker. I have never heard anything like this yet in my life.

This CD comes with 12 killer tracks that will more then likely knock your face off. The band is probably one of the tightest bands known to the music world and if you listen to this CD front to back I’m almost positive you will be more then impressed (the sounds are ear shocking and the time changes are like I said, incredible). Madder Mortem are prepared to take on the whole music world by storm. I also really like they way they have such a steady flow, even though it’s quite technical at times. The disc clocks in at 54:47, so it’s nearly an hour of the most bad-ass shit you will ever hear.

Desiderata kicks off with an amazing track by the of “My Name Is Silence.” This is the darker side of the CD and is more on the gothic side of things; but mixed with a bit of Nu Metal. There are some really catchy leads and fills during the time changes in this song and with the powerful vocals that are so commanding your ears will throw up this track is one of my favorites for sure. Every single song on this CD is amazing but I really dig track five, “M for Malice.” It’s basically a killer, jazzy track with a hint of Nu Metal and Death Metal vocals. The guitar is very similar to the band Korn, but the song itself sounds nothing at all like a “Korn” song.

The overall sound of this CD is simply incredible and I think that Madder Mortem is one of the tightest bands to date. The drums are all over the place and have an amazing sound on this CD, the guitars and bass are so thick and tight that they really make my ears sing for the love of music. The vocals are amazing and are all over the place as well. This band has so much diversity in their music and the fact it’s played right makes me a huge fan. I give this band 9 out of 10 because there is nothing better then this right now… so have fun trying to come close, HAHA!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. My Name is Silence
02. Evasions
03. Plague on this Land
04. Dystopia
05. M For Malice
06. The Flood to Come
07. Changeling
08. Cold Stone
09. Hypnos
10. Sedition
11. Desiderata
12. Hangman

Run Time: 54:47