With bands out there these days like Killswitch Engage, Unearth, Poison The Well and All That Remains, it’s only right that Springfield, Massachusetts’ own Ligeia make the same impact on fans all around the world. This is a band that is fresh to the scene and has an amazing sound. This is one of those bands you hear and say to yourself, “right on! These guys really deserve it just as much as anyone else!”

Formed in December of 2004 by Keith Holuk (vocals), Phil Fonseca (drums) and Ryan Ober (guitar), the band soon added bassist Matthew Bennett and guitar player Chris Keane in late 2004 and early 2005 completing this young band’s lineup and perfecting their already devastating sound. A genre-defying Ligeia blends a combination of hardcore and metal rich in choruses and powerful melodies all the while maintaining the hardcore sensibility.

Ligeia recently released their first full-length LP Your Ghost Is a Gift, and it’s straight-up bad-ass! To be honest it has such a powerful drive the whole way through and the band is super tight. The vocals are very easy to understand even though they are heavy and the over-all sound of the guitar tone is very rich in a Posion The Well and Killswitch Engage way. Actually if you like these bands there is no reason you won’t dig Ligeia. They are just as good, if not better in my opinion.

The CD has 11 killer tracks that are super-catchy to the max. The songs all have a good feel to them and if you really want to hear a tight band with lots of diversity then Ligeia is it. I’d more then definitely say this band merits a must listen! With the release of Your Ghost Is A Gift I see nothing but good to come for these guy and I will totally support them all the way. Songs such as “Beyond A Doubt” and “Dead Man’s Bride” to me are so amazing because they offer a lot of tempo changes and varied vocal patterns. These songs more then do it for me, not to mention they are my favorite songs on the album.

One of the greatest aspects of the record as a whole is the fact that Ligeia show the qualities of every abovementioned genre, yet still have a distinctive sound and identity to call their own. Listening to this record gives me the power and drive to jump on my bands’ ass about getting more songs down so we can record a full CD this year. This record is the equivalent to a Rockstar Energy Drink; it will start off slow at first and when you least expect it, after taking a few more sips, it will punch you in the face.

Recorded and produced by Unearth guitarist Ken Susi, who also helped out on their original demo, gives Ligeia that much more of a better and “credible” sound. I love the record and I love the music they are making. For this I will give them an 8.2 out of 10.

Track Listing:

01. Beyond A Doubt
02. I’m Sorry You’re Ugly
03. Heart Attack
04. Judas Complex
05. The Blackout
06. Household Stereotypes
07. Makin’ Love To A Murderer
08. Swollen Eye View
09. Always, Forever
10. Dead Man’s Bride
11. Wishing Wells

Run Time: 43:03
Release Date: March 21, 2006

Check out the song: “Beyond A Doubt”