Moneen is one of those bands who are known for their phenomenal underground success, hitting up big tours, energetic stage presence and their latest piece of work, The Red Tree. What struck me instantly are the intense harmonies on the album; sonically brilliant! What they are known for on the stage is now compacted neatly in The Red Tree.

From vocal ranges, to super studded guitar riffs, Moneen will keep the fans they got, and most certainly gain new ones. The lyrics hit home, the melody moves you, you can’t ask for anything more. There’s a certain depth to the disc that to some find the band growing and moving forward, while the others think it’s just the way the band is. It’s a very honest record, and very fulfilling, something the band can be proud of.

The first few songs are a bit heavier, while the rest are mellower, more melodic and have a quieter undertaking to them. The album as a whole is so well produced that it’s hard to find any flaws, and why would you.

Call them what you will, but remember folks, all music is emotion, it all hits us in one-way or another. If you’ve read some of my earlier reviews I have added some lyrics that really took me back, here are a few…”sing for life, sing for choices”
“sing for everyone without voices”…that will probably stay with me for a while.

Add this baby to your best releases list of the year. What can I say; I’m super proud of the bands this fine country has to offer. 8 Red Trees out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Don’t Ever Tell Locke What He…
02. If Tragedy’s Appealing, Then Disaster’s an…
03. Bleed and Blister (version 3)
04. Day No One Needed to Know
05. This Is All Bigger Than Me
06. The Frightening Reality of the Fact…
07. Politics of Living and the Shame in Dying
08. East Has Stolen What the West May Want
09. Seasons Fade… Fevers Rage… It’s a Slow Decay
10. There Are a Million Reasons for Why This May Not Work…
11. Song I Swore to Never Sing

Run Time: 42:49
Release Date: 2006