It isn’t very often that many people listen to a band that actually cares about the music. A lot of bands sell out for the money, or give in to drugs and just don’t give a shit anymore. Kryterium is the exact opposite. They’re all about the music, loud and heavy music at that. They also have a soft spot for medical causes. They once played a show and donated all the money to a sick boy who had throat cancer. This band is far from selling out!

The band rises from the depths of Boise, Idaho and consists of Mike Chaves (Vocals), John Karber (Guitar), Troy Komula (Bass), Cliff Schramm (Drums), and Jacob Carley (Guitars).

The disc is a four track EP, but still rocks out! The recording was a little bit fuzzy, but nothing to complain about. The guitar riffs were tight, and the drums were even tighter. Mike’s vocals stand out from the instrumental, with his blood curdling screams and growls.

The best track on the EP, in my opinion, has to be “I Killed The King.” The guitar riff is amazing and the drums are tight all the way across; never faltering. The rhythm is sick! Just one of those tracks you can really get into; oh how I would love to mosh to this track!

Another great song on the EP was “Eaten Alive.” The track isn’t one of those songs that you can just listen to and begin to play immediately. You need to know what you’re doing. The riff sounds complicated, but so good. It’s like an orgy for the ears!

Overall, the EP was pretty well done; would have enjoyed it a bit more if the recording wasn’t as fuzzy. I give this a 7.9/10. Well done guys!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Cry of Death
02. Run In Terror
03. I Killed The King
04. Eaten Alive

Run Time: 18:37
Release Date: 2006