God Dethroned is a Dutch Death Metal band. They originally formed back in 1990, and recorded a demo by 1992. Soon afterwards, the band signed with German metal label, Shark. Once signed onto Shark, the band recorded their first album, The Christhunt, which didn’t do so hot in the standings. The band then called a break for a little while, and reformed back in 1994, with a new line-up.

The current line-up for God Dethroned is Henri Sattler (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Isaac Delahaye (Lead Guitar), Henk Zinger (Bass), and Ariën Van Weesenbeek (Drums). Now with that line-up in mind, the band hit it big with Metal Blade records and have been tearing apart the metal scene for years. The latest album of course is The Toxic Touch.

Now, finally onto the album. The album opens up with an intro titled “Faithless,” which opens up to “Hating Life.” Now I know the title might sound a little bit emo, but the song is far from it. It’s heavy, upbeat, and brutal. Weesenbeek’s drum line is insanely tight and Sattler has piercing vocals that cut to the core. They stand out amongst the music, no matter how brutal the instrumental seems to get.

Third on the album is “2014.” This track is insane! It’s foretelling the year of the apocalypse; apparently the world will end in 2014. The instrumental is pretty sick too!

Eighth on the album, and by far, the best track on the disc is “Macabre World.” The lyrics are full of sorrow, as Sattler screeches the words into the mic. The guitar riff is amazing and Zinger’s bass is tight, with no fumbling around.

Overall, the album was done pretty damn well. The band kept it together, and proved that they’ve been playing their instruments for a long fucking time. I give this album an 8.6/10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Faithless
02. Hating Life
03. 2014
04. Falling Down
05. On Wings of Pestilence
06. The Day You Died
07. Away From Emptiness
08. Macabre World
09. Typhoid Maryo
10. Fail To Exist

Run Time: 39:11
Release Date: 2006