Yay! More metal to be unleashed into the world! A lot of people are probably thinking “Oh joy… more music that sounds the same.” As my mother would say. But this band isn’t like all the rest of the other bands. The band has a unique sound that can be easily distinguished from other artists. Formed in 2003, from the depths of Murfreesboro, FN, the band consists of Bryan Kemp (Vocals), Jeremiah Scott (Guitar), Way Berrier (Guitar), Adam Phillips (Bass), Alex Gillette (Keyboard), and Eric Brown (Drums).

The album opens up with “The Summoning,” which is only an intro to the album. The track opens a doorway to the song “Hang The Vermin.” The instrumental sounds somewhat melodic for this track and Bryan’s vocals stand apart from the instrumentals themselves. His dark, demonic vocals add a feeling of paranoia to the track; I actually looked over my shoulder a couple times.

Fifth on the album is “Battle Cry.” This track falls more under the category of Speed Metal. The guitar riffs are fast, as are the drums and again, Bryan’s vocals stand out from the band, catching any listener’s attention.

Eighth on the album is “Mutilated Cranial Orifice.” The intro to the track sounds a little bit like something you would hear in a Satanic Church, as ‘priests’ would be walking down the isle. The vocals for this track actually remind me a bit of The Black Dahlia Murder. The keyboards in this track add a sense of mourning, giving it a dark and eerie feeling about it.

Overall, the album was pretty damn good. The solos kicked ass, the drums kept steady beats, and the bass laid down the foundation. The band kept it together all the way through the album. I give the album a 9.2/10. Way to go guys!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Summoning
02. Hang The Vermin
03. Gods of War and Open Sores
04. Ripped Apart By The Juggernaut of Fornication
05. Battle Cry
06. Eternal Voyage of The Geishmal Undead
07. The Beast That Cannot Be Fed
08. Mutilated Cranial Orifice
09. Seduced by the Locrian Temptress
10. Hellfire
11. Bring On The Exodus

Run Time: 39:43
Release Date: 2006