After a five year absence, and not to mention a split with their record label, Deadsy are back with their newest CD Phantasmagore. The band is fronted by Elijah Blue, the son of Cher and rocker Gregg Allman. The band’s sound is very sharp, yet catchy and boasts a dark atmosphere with fuzzy/crunchy guitars and amazing synthesizers. Now I know this band is amazing live, because I saw them open for Papa Roach about 5 years ago at Toronto’s Opera House. Let me tell you, that was an amazing show and one I will remember for quite some time.

Phantasmagore is this eerie rock band’s 2006 sophomore follow-up to 2002’s Commencement. It was released on August 22 through Immortal Records after serious label issues and delays dating back to its original release date in 2004. Although many other demos and clips have been out for the past few years, this eleven song track listing wasn’t finalized until just recently. A video shoot for the supposed first single, “Book of Black Dreams” was planned for June, but had to be rescheduled because it wasn’t sure if this song would remain the first single or not.

This CD is killer and offers 11 (all great) great songs. The cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” is also totally crazy… in a good way. The song is redone like some kinda eerie punk track; it’s very catchy and will stick in your head like no other. Also, if you like bands like Orgy, Duran Duran, Korn and Godhead, then you will for sure dig Deadsy. The overall sound of this band is very unique; they sound like different parts of other bands, yet no one really sounds like Deadsy at all. The band is so good and the fact this is such original stuff makes it better tenfold.

On their last CD, they did a cover of “Tom Soyer” by Rush and now that they did the Stones on this record, make’s the band even stronger. Jonathan Davies of Korn is a huge fan of this band and made the following comment, “This band makes important music. This is a breakthrough record.”

With him saying that, and me listing to it, I know he is so right. The lyrics are very catchy and they sick out so much over the music. The first album sold over 100,000 copies with the awesome “Key to Gramercy Park” track as there big. Now with Phantasmagore, I can only see Deadsy going uphill from hear on in. The over all sound of this CD is very well done and the fact that it was recorded at Korn’s studio should let you know it’s not something to be messed with.

My favorite song on this record would halve to be “The last Story Ever.” Something about this song really gives me goose bumps; I dunno maybe it’s the fact it’s so friggin’ catchy and just sounds amazing. The song’s timing is really well arranged. All of Deadsy’s songs are very good and are pretty much mind blowing. This band is very talented and have always written amazing music. This CD is just something that I will always listen to so I’m giving it 9 out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Razor Love
02. Carrying Over
03. Babes In Abyss
04. Paint It Black
05. Better Than You Know
06. Book of Black Dreams
07. Asura
08. The Last Story Ever
09. Phantasmagore
10. Time
11. Health & Theory

Run Time: 42:39
Release Date: 2006