I usually read lyrics first before “reviewing” a CD; I don’t review because who the hell am I to judge, but I just give y’all the lowdown on what the CD sounds like and try to entice you to give the bands a chance. Ha! As I read on, the lyrics mostly deal with lost love and dealing with it, moving on yada yada, so I thought it would be really depressing which to my pleasant surprise it was not; it’s upbeat and not suicidal.

I tend to like bands that aren’t as big commercially and who aren’t on mainstream charts because there’s a lot of talent overlooked.

I think there are a few key ingredients to making a band work: talent; lyrically and musically, a really good producer to help the band organize themselves musically, confidence in themselves and a kick ass live show. And I really think these guys can deliver (even though I haven’t seen them live yet… which I hope to do so soon). But, and there is a but, the list above is only for bands who truly are in it for the music. If you’re looking for fame and what not, than I can give you a different list.

Back to the music… “You’re my Dream Catcher” caught my ear with its intro, and kept me listening towards the chorus. “The Secret Between The Sheets” is the turning point on the album where intros start to slow down while mid-song they soar. Not only do the lyrics captivate but also the music keeps you listening. You can feel the emotion singer Justin Allen emotes in each song. Call them what you will, this isn’t another band amongst the others trying to be cool. It’s heartfelt, sincere, and enjoyable to listen to, isn’t that what music is all about?

I’m not sure if there is a hidden message with the words bolded in the titles… but whatever the case it’s a different creative approach to laying out the track titles. trustmeIdon’tlie! Take a listen….

8 broken hearts out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. From Heart And Soul To Pen And Paper
02. Give Up To Give In
03. Trust Us We Lie
04. Your My Dream Catcher
05. The Secret ‘Between The Sheets’
06. Memory
07. One More Song For Your Myspace Page
08. If Looks Could Kill
09. There’s Two ‘R’s’ In Sorry But One ‘R’ In Whore
10. Fellings Between The Lines
11. All Along

Run Time: 36:42